A Sitting Room - Click to enlarge

A Sitting Room

This was taken in a sitting room (I think that’s the proper term) of an old Charleston grand house. They are everywhere in this town. Even with the fires, wars, and other disaster Charleston has always been one of the wealthiest cities in the US.

Residents of this house were members of the first US governments, involved in the Civil War, and wealthy merchants. Now, like most places here, they make their living on visitors (sounds better than tourist).

A Sitting Room - Click to enlarge
A Sitting Room – Click to enlarge

I personally love all the history and of course photographing the buildings.

The final developing of the images is also a fun challenge and keeps me sharper. This image was completed using several custom finishes we have saved in both Adobe Lightroom and NIK Color Efex to present aa softer, old fashion, look.

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