From Gettysburg, Lt. McCowen, July 2, 1863

From Gettysburg, Lt. McCowen, July 2, 1863

Photographed at the edge of Soldiers Ground, Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.

I could find no specific information on Lt. Benjamin McCowen. His deceased date does place him at the battle of Gettysburg. An assumption can be made his remains were moved to Magnolia with the South Carolina units that served there.

From Gettysburg, Lt. McCowen, July 2, 1863
From Gettysburg, Lt. McCowen, July 2, 1863

Below is information found at from the national Park Service.

53rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry.

53rd Infantry Regiment completed its organization during the spring of 1862. Its companies were form Fayette, Baker, Mitchell, Quitman, and Jasper counties. It was soon ordered to Virginia and assigned to General Semmes’, Bryan’s, and Simms’ Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The unit fought with the army from Seven Days’ Battles to Gettysburg, then accompanied Longstreet to Georgia. However, it did not arrive in time to share in the conflict at Chickamauga. After serving at Knoxville, the 53rd was involved in the Battles of The WildernessSpotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, Early’s operations in the Shenandoah Valley, and the Appomattox Campaign. The regiment reported 10 casualties at Malvern Hill, lost twenty-nine percent of the 276 at Sharpsburg, and there were 15 killed and 105 wounded at Chancellorsville. It lost twenty-one percent of the 422 engaged at Gettysburg, had many disabled at Sayler’s Creek, and surrendered with no officers and 64 men. The field officers were Colonels Leonard T. Doyal and James P. Simms; Lieutenant Colonels J.W. Hance, W.F. Hartsfield, Thomas Sloan, and Robert P. Taylor; and Majors S.M. Brown and Thomas W. Sims.
Note; I usually do not include links to other pages on an article like this but the US National Park Service maintains detailed information that may be of interest.

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