Swan, Metered Light

Swan, Metered Light

Photographing white birds is always problematic. This image even more than most.

The Swan was on the edge of dark shadows, from over hanging trees, and direct sunlight.

I had gone to this lake to shoot Swans and knew most photos from the day would be bad. It’s a place to just shoot and not worry about results.

Swan, Metered Light
Swan, Metered Light

The settings here were all based on the white of the bird. Since there were shadows behind him I assumed everything else would be almost black.

We shoot white birds, Egrets, all the time so this was based on an educated guess.

I will say most of the shoots were boring. A few, like this, caught the bird in a nice pose.

The hardest part about this photograph had nothing to do with a camera. I was standing in the middle of a place ducks liked to rest. Many ducks, it was hot, it smelled really, really, bad.


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