2 thoughts on “Dragonfly, Again”

  1. One thing for sure, Ted, is that you have photographed a cool-looking dragonfly that I have never seen before. However, it has several distinctive characteristics that make it relatively easy to find in my identification guide. I am pretty confident that it is a Four-spotted Pennant (Brachymesia gravida), because of the size and shape of the spots on the wings and the white pterostigma (the little rectangular markings on the leading edge of each wing). The range map of the dragonfly shows that it is a southern species that appears to be present in parts of Virginia, the state in which I live.

    1. The weather has changed so fast here I find the data on a species range is not all that accurate any more. We have south american birds all year round now.

      I may need to spend some time learning to ID the local Dragonfly. There are so many it’s common for one to ‘photo bomb’ a shot.

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