Queen Of The Swamp

Queen Of The Swamp

They have been called Banana Spider, Orb Weaver, Golden Silk, and some other names not to be repeated.

At this time they are still young, not even half grown.

Queen Of The Swamp
Queen Of The Swamp

The ‘queen’ is the larger. In a month they may be the size of your hand, not quite cat size as I told Peter Hillman. Even so who wants this slapping you in the face, and it will.

Some fun facts;

  • There is never just one, or two. When you see a web it’s very big, and there are many others around you. It’s really creepy.
  • They build webs across trails each night. Never be the first person on a trail unless you are waving a long stick as you move forward.
  • Never be the second person behind the stick swinging first person. The broken web and it’s resident monster will snap back in your face. I know this.
  • A single strand from their web is as strong monofilament fishing line. If you survive the terror of it touching your face it will cut you in half.

Just sayin.



8 thoughts on “Queen Of The Swamp”

  1. First, it is a great photo, like all of yours. I am trying to understand spiders, I try to not freak out when I see them. I do not take pictures of spiders. I just haven’t gotten there yet. πŸ™‚ They are unique, but they still freak me out. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh so creepy! From now on, i will go first down the trail waving a stick. Second place sounds more dangerous thanks to you

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