23 thoughts on “Now That’s An Owl !”

    1. This is a Ural Owl, from the Baltic’s. He is part of a breeding program in SC. The largest raptor center in US is outside Charleston. Rescue and breeding. A few times a year a group of photographers is invited. An amazing place, the birds will fly loose, falcons and kites hunt. This is where I learned to shoot high speed raptors diving, etc. I can’t begin to tell you how many shots of a blank blue sky I photographed LOL.

    2. It is. The morning is spent first working with raptors, the rest of the day is with Owls. When the Kites work they hunt food in the air, and then torture everyone by flying around in great circles until tired. They come back, only when they are ready LOL

  1. This is amazing shot of the owl. I love photography, but I am not that good at it 😬. How long have to been doing photography?

    1. Thank you. A (large) number of years ago it was what I wanted for a career. Ha! Food was more important though. Did it part time, until around 4 years ago moved to coastal Lowcountry (Charleston SC) and shoot full time nature work. Subtropics with wildlife and nature everywhere. Some days I feel I’m on safari LOL.

    2. That’s really nice! I don’t work with photography; but I have a great eye for photography and you did a great job. That link you sent me, is that your work?

    3. That’s very nice pictures on the websites! I have a video that talks about the owl’s wings and how they function. May I share it with you?

    4. Thank you for taking your time to watch the video! And thank you for showing some of your work! The makers of this video make videos and articles about animals often. Would you be interested in me send you videos and articles biweekly or so?

    5. 🤣 all right! Thank though for taking your time to watch the video. Have a nice weekend!

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