Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome

Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome

This mausoleum is on the property of the St. Helena Chapel Of Ease.

The Fripp family lived on these barrier islands. They eventually owned the Fripp Plantation before US Civil War. The structure was built in 1852. At some point the front was bricked rather than a door.

Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome
Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome

Captain Fripp came here with some type of British land grant for St. Helena Island. He was charged with protecting these islands from pirates.  The next barrier island in the chain here is Fripp Island.

The plantation was in the path of the northern army during the Civil War. I believe much of these islands were abandon as the army passed through…doing the damages armies have always done.

The African American ‘Gullah’ culture can still be found in these islands.

The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Lowcountry region of the U.S. states of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, in both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. They developed a creole language, the Gullah language  (click here), and a culture rich in African influences that makes them distinctive among African Americans. (Wikipedia)

I am obviously no expert on the Gullah culture, however if you want to learn about the strength of human nature and the enslaved people of the US plantations search ‘Gullah’.

Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome
Old Family Burial Site, Monochrome

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    1. Thank you. The Gullah language is incredible, so creative, and something many of us never considered. As people were enslaved they came from different areas within the African coast. This means the could not communicate with each other since they spoke different languages. Gullah was the solution. Part English, symbolism, and other expressions allowed people to understand each other.

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