Fall Marsh Scene

Fall Marsh Scene

After viewing the RAW image of this photograph I thought how it is such a great visual presentation of what a large marsh really is. The photograph was taken at Bear Island, Wildlife Management Area. This photo is a small spot  within about 20,000 acres in Bear.

Fall Marsh Scene
Fall Marsh Scene

Above, a Great Egret standing in front of a marsh ‘trunk’.

From this angle you can see the dike trail that runs along the top of this trunk. The trunk is wooden swing gates, on either end of a big wooden box. The box is inserted into the high walled earthen dike. Dikes criss cross miles of the marsh here. Water flows through the trunk gates between various marshes. Hundreds of trunks using the locations and system built 200 +  years ago.

The photograph clearly shows how tall the reeds and grasses grow along the dike/trails. This time of year at least twice as tall as a person.

Here the Egret was along the edge of the dike, often it is Alligators as well…tall reeds directly above hide them, and us, when on the trail.

Bear Island is in the ACE Basin of South Carolina. Marshlands here are close to 300,000 acres now. A small country.

Standing here, early morning, is one of the few places a person can be truly alone.



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