Pon Pon, Big Bends

Pon Pon, Big Bends River

Pon Pon is the name of a nearby local river for which the chapel was named. Pon Pon is from the Yamassee native american tribe originally in the area.

Pon Pon, Big Bends
Pon Pon, Big Bends

The area was burned in the Yamassee wars, 1715, rebuilt and destroyed again in 1832. The grave sites are from local plantations that continued to use the old graveyard.

The Chapel is only accessible through dirt roads, however at one time the old road was the major route between Savannah and Charleston.

The Yamassee, as well as Creek, Cherokee, and around 50 other tribes associated with the western US actually were from the South Carolina and Georgia area. The Spanish and British enslaved members of various tribes forcing them to move south into Florida. Finally treaties were made and the tribes resettled in the US west.

We know how well that worked out.

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