12 thoughts on “Unexpected Owl”

    1. We’ve had lots of Barred too. Last year they were behaving kind of add in that they spent a lot of time on the ground and weren’t flying off as quickly when approached.

    2. That is not good. Unfortunately my first thought is eating rodents that have been infected by poison. Coastal South Carolina is a constant battleground between development and environment, that being one of the problems.

    3. Although lots were seen not many were found dead so it may have been something else…or maybe they were developing a tolerance for poison.

  1. I love this photo of the Barred. He looks so regal sitting there. I love their call so beautiful. My husband can make that sound and they will call back. Beautiful. Love Joni

    1. Oh that is interesting my husband and I were studying the photo and looking at the cropping of feathers. I didn’t know this thank you so much. Love ❤️ J

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