A Scorpion Surprisea

A Scorpion Surprise

We shoot wildlife, all kinds. Alligators, Cottonmouth, Boar, it doesn’t matter. In fact the more teeth/talons the better.

They all have something in common… they are outside.

A Scorpion Surprisea
A Scorpion Surprise

Meet a Black Scorpion. Adults grow to 15 centimeters (6 inches). This was an adult, I’m positive. In fact, at one point it looked 15 feet.

They are common in the tropics, toxic, but probably not deadly.  Really ! Tell that to a small dog (who promptly was ushered out of the room). We did battle, they are no push over, we persevered.

Did I mention they first thing we did was grab our cameras.

16 thoughts on “A Scorpion Surprise”

    1. That was a few moments after I spotted him. Way to big for a fly scatter 😂. He sat there watching. A fly shatter would have p—— him off. Hit it with flat side of a broom and it didn’t do much. Maybe 5 inches, a ‘bark scorpion’ I think.


  1. We generally welcome spiders in the house to help keep the small pests down. I am pretty sure this one would not be welcomed. Fortunately our environment would host them unless someone decided to let one loose.


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