4 thoughts on “First Image Of The Day”

    1. Didn’t think of that one 😀. Some marshes are low now and have become like watering holes. Hundreds of birds at any single location. Not sure how long it will last but for now it’s great.

      BTW, the water levels are controlled by the state DNR through a large system of trunks. Same method, same places, as the original plantation rice fields. Raising and lowering allows migratory birds a place to rest, wading birds food sources, etc. I think this trunk system is about 25,000 acres.

    2. It is hard to think of low water right now. With all the rain we’ve had in Georgia all the lakes and ponds are up. There are even ponds in places that are normally dry! I think our annual Redhead Ducks didn’t show up on our pond this year because there is so much open water in other places to choose from.

    3. The rain and water we get flows right through the lowcountry into the ocean. The water in these shots will go into St. Helena Bay ultimately. That’s not far from the Savannah river. The marsh itself is probably half way between Charleston and Savannah.

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