Comparing Cousins

Comparing Cousins

I have been meaning to write this for a while now. Just a fun thing, but an explanation too.

I have a habit of referring to the Alligators near where I live, and around Charleston, as ‘the locals’. In some other articles written they are just Alligators.

They can best be described as ‘city and country’ gators.

Comparing Cousins
Comparing Cousins

Above is a ‘country gator’ we bumped into two days ago out in a far marsh. In general a small bus with teeth, and demeanor to match.

Lurking, Alligator
Lurking, Alligator

The next image is a ‘city gator’ photographed in a swamp near where I live. Yes, a decent sized Alligator and one of the locals.

The city gator we can almost ignore when they are around. Their country cousin… best to just keep checking they stay where you first saw them. Never a problem, not ever. However, good for all concerned to keep it that way.


6 thoughts on “Comparing Cousins”

  1. In Michigan I refer to deer as country deer and suburban deer. Mainly the suburban deer, like the ones who go through our yard daily and eat our plants, are in their territory – we moved in uninvited. They also make their way into the city.


  2. That’s one family tree I’m happy to observe from the safety of my living room couch! That song from the old Peter Pan movie plays in my head when I see your awesome pics of the locals, “never smile at a crocodile…”


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