5 thoughts on “Through The Back Door”

    1. Clarence John Laughlin, thanks so much. I completely relate to his work, and now need to study it further.

      I understand that love for the old buildings and views. Since moving here I have been lucky to meet, and visit places, with various historians (like my Charleston Jail work). They have introduced to me work by Arnold Genthe, Carol Highsmith, and others that photographed here under WPA and the like. If you ever get a chance the book ‘Sleeping With Angels” is a great look.

      Again thanks for information,

    2. I know that book, but do not own it. Laughlin was an interesting character. A surrealist. Many, many years ago, I read a story where Edward Weston was visiting the area where Laughlin lived. Laughlin spent time showing Weston around and photographing together. I though it strange and interesting, as they couldn’t have been more different from each other.

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