A First Skirmish, Heron - Egret

A First Skirmish, Heron – Egret

I wasn’t ready for this, they lulled me to sleep.

Nothing was happening, a Great Blue sat on a nest and a Great Egret was planning a spot a little higher up the tree. This is prime real estate and there will be multiple nests, multiple species.

I never saw the second Heron come back.

A First Skirmish, Heron - Egret
A First Skirmish, Heron – Egret

He was not at all happy to find a Great Egret nearby. The noise was what got my attention. The Great Egret is big enough to fight back, but Herons are bigger.

A First Skirmish, Heron - Egret
A First Skirmish, Heron – Egret

The Egret dropped back and left for another spot.

This repeated itself right here several times.

The flow is;

  • first the Heron drives off an Egret
  • an Egret returns for the spot and they fight
  • another Egret and they fight
  • finally an uneasy peace with nests built

The Egret will leave enough space between them, the Heron gets tired of the same old fight.

However, after the Heron chicks are half grown the adults leave to provide food. The Egrets will then attack the chicks. Some young fight off the Egrets, some do not.

Egrets are bullies in rookeries. Pay back is Anhinga attack Egret nests.

None of this is pretty. But it goes on year after year.

As an FYI, any photographs I capture that are too graphic are not published.

7 thoughts on “A First Skirmish, Heron – Egret”

    1. Not pleasant. There has been damage to rookery trees over the years and the best spots are getting taken early. Birds are crowding and that causes issues. A new area has flooded, a small dike being the only land between this location and the rookery. It was flooded with hopes birds will use this spot too.

    2. That’s really sad, so many things coming together to make things difficult for the birds. I’m sure some birds will find it soon.

  1. Thanks for the detailed behavior journal, and great shots! William — “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Psalms 104 The Message

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