The Dance, Great Egret

The Dance, Great Egret

He could have chosen a better time of day and place for his performance, however the dance routine was spectacular. This article contains a large number of images since I wanted to capture the routine from start to finish. There are specific steps to this dance and this series follows as close as possible.

The Dance, Great Egret
The Dance, Great Egret

Overall the dance moves are to spread their ‘bridal feathers’ for display, then stretch up and down in a rhythm showing their full body. With luck it catches the attention of a new mate.

Below is the first step in ‘the dance’.

The Dance, Great Egret
The Dance, Great Egret

Click any image to view full size. The images below are in sequential order as the dance progressed.

I previous years I have been able to photograph several birds in different routines, picking the best for publication. This year due to the Coronavirus I’m afraid this is it. Despite the Pine Tree the dance is always special and interesting.


17 thoughts on “The Dance, Great Egret”

  1. This is so wonderful that you were able to photograph a dancing Great Egret! I am so impressed by elegance and beauty of this bird. Ted, these are very unique and incredibly beautiful images! Thank you for sharing them!

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  2. I am with Kaya. These are unique and incredibly beautiful images! Well done Ted! I don’t have all fancy icons for ‘applause’ via my desktop … but I applause you here and now … very well done! One of these deserve to be on the cover of a wildlife magazine, at least.

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  3. It must be quite an experience to watch these beautiful birds performing their bridal dance. And yes, he could at least have moved some steps more to the left. Nevertheless, you captured this perfect!


  4. This is the most beautiful set of photos and the pine tree enhances the scene. First thing I noticed was the green around they eye and then the green of the pine needles. Just beautiful shots. Well done.


  5. Great sequence, Ted. I am always happy when I happen to spot an egret in breeding plumage. The dance sequence just blows me away in its beauty and elegance. It must be spectacular to see in person.


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