Great Blue Pair, B&W

Great Blue Pair, B&W

A photograph completed, in Black and White, for another web site. The site is a private group dedicated to the use of B&W and monochrome only.

Great Blue Pair, B&W
Great Blue Pair, B&W

Images like this I find to be much more difficult to process than color.  It’s so easy to have the main subjects get lost within a background with only shades and textures rather than distinct colors.

7 thoughts on “Great Blue Pair, B&W”

  1. This image reminds me, Ted, of how much we tend to rely on color to help us separate our subjects from the background. So much of what I see often turns into a mid gray without sharp contrast when I try to turn it into a black and white shot. This is an area I hope to explore further in the future, but I haven’t played around much with it yet.


    1. I still have some black and white film in my refrigerator that I need to shoot. A couple of years ago I decided to shoot some film and even developed it myself. I did not want to go through the hassle of setting up a full darkroom, though, so I scanned the negatives and processed them digitally. It is a whole different mind set to shoot with film, knowing it is black and white and conscious of the limited number of frames. (I was using an Nikon SLR that was so old it did not even have a metering system at all.) If you are curious, here is one of the postings I did about my experiences.


    2. I do like that look with Ilford. NIK has a filter that can come pretty close if you have shot with the right light. In olden days I used Pentax and a 2 1/4 Yashica for weddings, events, etc. Nice images and post, I vote no to smelly chemicals LOL.


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