Bridal Feathers Of An Egret

Bridal Feathers Of An Egret

The Great Egret when wearing their ‘bridal feathers’ have become symbolic of the beauty of nature. Invariably one will appear on the cover of most all the nature / wildlife magazines each year. They are also the internationally known logo of the Audubon Society.

Bridal Feathers Of An Egret
Bridal Feathers Of An Egret

Those same feathers almost caused their extinction, being sold by the pound to hat manufacturers. I have always wondered how many Egrets were needed for a single pound of feathers.

I think about this each time our Environmental Protection Agency rolls back another regulation…

5 thoughts on “Bridal Feathers Of An Egret”

  1. That is a truly stunning photo, Ted!! We are really missing our breeding egrets this year as the wetlands closed in March. Sadly, I agree with you about The dreadful history of the plume trade, and rollbacks on the migratory bird treaty act.


    1. Our national wildlife refuge has become so crowded… it’s one of the only birding places/natural areas that is open. All the people who are missing just going to a community park are going to the refuge now. At least it’s large and people can spread out… But I’ll be very glad when other things open up.

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