Whistling Duck

Whistling Duck, Black-bellied

This was a duck I never knew existed until we found them last year. They were in this same wildlife area.

They are year round residents along the Lowcountry coast, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. The range is extending north, but based on their breeding habits it might take sometime. The ducklings are raised on the open marshes here, we see them in the open often. We have a lot of Eagles and other large raptors here. Obviously some make it to adulthood, but I don’t know how.

Whistling Duck
Whistling Duck

This duck found an old Wood Duck nesting box in a swamp. A second Whistler was near so they might be nesting here.

Oh yeah, they don’t quack, they whistle.

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6 thoughts on “Whistling Duck, Black-bellied”

  1. It’s a different and wonderful duck. I probably will never see this duck, we don’t have them were I live.


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