5 thoughts on “Wood Ducks, First Sighting”

  1. That is precious. The reflection of the wood in the water makes this beautiful photograph even more incredible. Is it unusual for there to be so many baby ducks? Love Joni

    1. If young Wood Ducks get separated from their mother another one with her own brood immediately takes them in. As you can imagine this is common since they live in swamps. I think this female had 15 chicks in tow at one time. Now I think it’s around 9.

    2. Oh I did not know this. Fascinating and thank you for the education. I imagine the predators list is large. What a truly beautiful shot Ted. Hugs πŸ€— Joni

  2. What a beautiful shot! I loved hearing the backstory in the comments too. The mother duck looks like she is teaching her children a lesson. She just needs a little chalk board.

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