14 thoughts on “Early Morning On A Swamp Pond”

  1. I really like this style, Ted. It feels to me like an impressionist painting, with the wonderful reflections, the fuzzy Spanish moss, and the little dabs of pinkish-red color.

    1. This was taken on the end of a long wooden bridge, a white bridal bridge. Since the early 1800’s this has been a plantation spot for weddings.

      However… two days after this a large swamp Cypress fell over, directly on the bridge. It will be repaired but they don’t know how yet. The wood is no longer around, the carpenters now will be artists to recreate the same style , etc. Big expense at a time of no tourist / wedding money.

    2. Wow! What timing! That’s so unfortunate about the bridge. I hope it can be repaired sometime soon.

    3. Cool! 🐊 and 1840, that’s awesome! Too bad that cypress demolished the original. But thankfully no one was hurt! Especially since they do weddings!

    1. That is the one. Huge Cypress blown right over on it…smashed. The bridge and old garden was recently an exhibit at the Smithsonian. This version was built in 1840 for Drayton’s soon to be wife. Survived the Civil War, but not the last wind storm.

      This is a short cut we take (we live down the road) to open marshes and the river.

    2. We’ve visited Magnolia Plantation a couple times in past years. Beautiful grounds and I loved that bridge and the reflections it gave. I hope they’re able to repair it.

    3. They said they could, issue is cost and time. Magnolia is a photographers paradise 😀. For us it’s like our backyard. I want a walk, quick photos, etc. I can just go over. Glad you have seen it’s beauty. The back trails are hidden gems. 👍

  2. That is a wonderfully atmospheric images, Ted. Love the handling of the light. The red flower really pulled on my eye, especially when I zoomed in. A wonderful window through into your amazing world there, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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