Canal Between Marshes

Canal Between Marshes

Every type of light, in one spot.

This canal runs along the side of a dirt road that connects two large marshes. A beautiful spot but most times you are passing through.

Canal Between Marshes
Canal Between Marshes

I stood on a trunk (water gate) which controls marsh flow.

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

8 thoughts on “Canal Between Marshes”

  1. I love your photo, Ted. I had to drink it all in. The light, the reflections, all those colours and magnificent details, you have captured so perfectly! What a beautiful world you have there.

    PS: Don’t know what’s going on with WordPress at present, as when I click to expand photo it comes up with slighly larger image on a white background, here and on my photos, plus others. If I come off and try again it reverts to normal with full image with black background and the ability to expand further. Maybe some advertising gimmick, but I am not liking it. Hoping they will change it back.

    1. The spot is pretty typical of where swamps and marsh meet. Very tropical now and absolutely beautiful.

      I noticed what you did too when viewing images large. The PC version gets odd updates at times. Not a good feature.

    2. I’ve had that happen when doing the ‘preview’ of the post before it’s published – and then I didn’t know how it was being presented to visitors after publishing. Like you I’d found when looking at it a 2nd time it was normal. Sometimes I load a larger image file so that people can click in to the detail (e.g. text) – waste of time if the system does that ‘slightly larger’ thing with a white background and ignores the real photo size. If you notice that happen on my blog with any *new* posts I do would you please let me know and I’ll query them about it. Grghhh!

    3. I have checked your posts, Liz, and all seem fine there, and as it should. I have raised this with WordPress today and I am awaiting a reply. I think it is another annoying advertising ploy, perhaps to get you to pay to remove advertising. I find it very intrusive and to be honest it really gets under my skin. I still can’t get over the interruptions on Youtube from their adds! If this doesn’t change on wordpress there will be no point in loading larger image files or even linking it to the original media file.

  2. First, apologies, Ted as this has gone on your post. But this is the reply I recently had from WordPress on the issue:

    Hi there,

    What you’re describing are image landing pages. This is a new feature that was soft-launched last week on all free sites on At this time there are no plans to offer an option to disable this, but I’ll relay your feedback to our developers working on this.

    I have told them it is not good, and will it put folk off from clicking on images to view the full potential, which is not good for photography blogs like ours.

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