Making His Presence Known

Making His Presence Known

He was growling too.

This is ‘profiling’. An Alligator throws his head back, pulls his tail up, and sounds like a chain saw starting.

Making His Presence Known
Making His Presence Known

It’s even more interesting when the others answer back, especially the ones you didn’t know were there.

6 thoughts on “Making His Presence Known”

  1. Wow, I have never seen or heard that. He looks like he could be a really big boy. How far away are you? Is there something between you and them like a fence?

    1. There are no fences, it’s their home not ours 😀. One of the first things you notice moving here and going out into the marshes is that people are responsible for themselves. This is wild in every way.

      The distance, a guess, maybe 30 yards. Not far, but enough.

    2. I agree with you, I respect the wild animals and their space. I might not venture into the alligators space though.

    1. Actually it’s both. What is very cool, and a little unnerving, is when a big bull does this and after a moment he is answered…by many , all around the area. Some far, some nearby you didn’t know about.

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