The Family

The Family

As we drove out into an open air part of the road we spotted birds high and circling in the air. This was a short dike maybe 1/4 mile (.4 k) long. A quick backup under the tress and we walked out to look around.

The Family
The Family

Without thought we always look around the water as we step out on a dike. The photograph above is what we spotted to our right.

Mom and some ‘kids’. A female with young is one of the times you stop and pay closer attention. Any animal with young should be considered.

The Family
The Family

She moved just a little closer to the bank, but not quite on the mud which was fine.

Below you can see just the head of a second baby on the right.

The Family
The Family

Glare on the water was terrible so these were all I shot. I think we counted 10 babies in all.

The Family
The Family

The female was watching, guarding, but not upset at all so we kept walking to find some other action out near this marsh.

Below is a quick shot of why we stopped in the first place.

Swallow-tailed Kite.

Swallow-tailed Kite
The Family

This bird is more difficult to photograph than a Peregrine Falcon (and they dive at over 225 miles an hour).

This is a native of South America, but will come to the Lowcountry to breed in the summer. Their diet is mainly Dragonflies, that they catch in flight, with their claws, and consume while flying to catch more. They even drink in flight by skimming over the water.

Any bird that can catch a dragonfly with their feet is fast and can twist and change direction immediately.

They usually fly high so you do the best you can. But it is work to get any photographs unless they are resting.

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

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