Stones In Old Black And White

Stones In Old Black And White

This is an image of an old southern cemetery that on the surface looks to be a simple ‘snap shot’ landscape. And that was the idea behind it. Basically an old style shot of head stones and graves.

Stones In Old Black And White
Stones In Old Black And White

These is a lot to see here so developing/finishing darkroom style was needed. I’m an old black and white photographer so I love doing this work.

The soft, almost gray look and feel is done with a Lightroom pre-set created and saved a few years ago.

Dodge and Burn, the old lighten and darken specific areas played a big part here. Bottom of image foreground was lightened.

Parts of the background were lightly burned to expose hidden/dark iron fences, head stones, and other small details.

When shooting color I rarely bother with small details like here. Monochrome images are based on light and shades so it makes a bigger difference.  It’s just old school darkroom techniques.

Best viewed large.

Charleston, South Carolina.

6 thoughts on “Stones In Old Black And White”

    1. Spanish Moss and even a Palm tree. There are old wrought iron fences way off in the back. This type of image could only be done using ‘old’ styles. I started shooting using 35mm film in the 1960s. Still love it, just digital now. If the weather holds I’m heading out in the AM to a few small country towns to do B&W all day.

    2. I recently learned that Spanish Moss is neither Spanish nor moss! I guess it’s a variety of air plant and I can’t remember what region they said it’s from but it was various places but not Spain. Interesting! I love how wispy and drapey it appears. Really nice work.

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