Lazy Egret Fly By

Lazy Egret Fly By

These shots were taken over a large open marsh.

Lazy Egret Fly By
Lazy Egret Fly By

I noticed the Egret when it was still a pretty long distance away. A slow and lazy flight that would pass near me.

At first I just watched, it was far and a bit high. But then, ‘why not’ , and a grabbed images along it’s path.

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Snowy Egret, ACE Basin, South Carolina.


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  1. Shoot! The WP reader is not displaying your beautiful images correctly. I can’t scroll through your pictures and some of your text is appearing on top of the images. I’ve seen this with some other sites too. Just wanted you to know.

    1. This is happening on many sites when images are in a ‘gallery’. WP sites in general seem to be having problems displaying images.

      I will change the gallery settings on this post and please try again and let me know if it helped. Thanks so much, appreciate it.

  2. The pictures are no longer overlapping each other but the post still appears stuck. I can’t scroll through it. It’s hard to explain. I’m going to your site directly to view.

    1. Thanks, it’s an issue with WordPress Reader I think. Using a gallery for images no longer works properly. An unrelated issue is viewing and using images while writing a post. Several times I just stopped writing one. It’s not my WIFI since I have tested it multiple times for speed and with other types of web sites. WP support for a business plan is only chat, and that is not working well either 🤬🤬🤬. Thanks for the help, guess no gallery images anymore

    2. Bummer! Technical difficulties are so frustrating. The good news is your site still looks beautiful! I think you’re right, it’s the WP reader. Like you said, not just your posts, I’ve noticed the same issues for other bloggers too. Regardless, great pictures!

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