Mantis - Cicada

Mantis – Cicada

Some people may want to skip by here, others will find this interesting. These are a bit graphic, most images will be in a gallery.

So… we were aware larger Praying Mantis have been known to attack Hummingbirds, there are even (gross) videos. We had seen a Mantis near our feeders so were trying to chase him off.

Then one afternoon  the vines made noise and the arbor leaves shook.

Mantis - Cicada
Mantis – Cicada

Of course we quickly went to check for a Mantis. What we found was a Cicada caught by the Mantis.

No additional details, a few images in a gallery below. Nature is not always pretty.

Click any image to view the gallery.

Cicada are not all that much smaller than a Hummingbird. Depending on where you live it may be something to watch for.

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