A Dirt Road

A Dirt Road

The other day I went out with two cameras since I hoped the clouds would break and I might get a few general marsh scenes. The second would be used for this rather than switch lens. It’s just easier, if I am near the car.

While it remained overcast it was not terrible and I did get these.

A Dirt Road
A Dirt Road

I was almost leaning on the car, parked under the large Oak and Spanish Moss taking this.

I am looking back the way we had come, Ellen walking towards me down the road. This is actually a large wide dike we can drive over.

Off the right side here is a salt marsh, ultimately fed by the Atlantic. The left side is miles of marsh ponds, a few swamps. Tall grass about 2 meters deep hide both sides. Drive off the side here and 3 meters down is water…and critters.

A Dirt Road
A Dirt Road

Above is looking over a bit of the salt marsh from that dirt road, almost same spot. Not much out there for a long way.

A Dirt Road
A Dirt Road

Here Ellen has gone by me and walked towards the far end of the dike road.

A Dirt Road
A Dirt Road

This is part of the scene Ellen was photographing. An Egret, marsh grass for miles, and of course if you look close a few Alligators.

A spectacular places isn’t it.


6 thoughts on “A Dirt Road”

    1. I find it hard to describe. From my own perspective (and age) these places are like the old โ€˜Mutual Of Omaha, Wild Kingdomโ€™ TV show of my youth. Miles out in the wild, critters with teeth, flocks of big birds, etc.

      Pinch Me !!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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