Unexpected Cardinal

Unexpected Cardinal

Photographing the smaller birds out in a marsh is unusual for me. I don’t expect to ever see one since they tend to stick to thicker brush, besides I’m not really looking.

This Cardinal popped out from nowhere.

Unexpected Cardinal
Unexpected Cardinal

Even I knew it could be a nice shot with that open background.

Unexpected Cardinal
Unexpected Cardinal

Ultimately he returned to form and found a thicket to hide in.

Unexpected Cardinal
Unexpected Cardinal

The only one on the entire dike.

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Cardinal”

  1. Well, isn’t this a treat for you and us. Those first two pictures are so pretty, with the brush he is perched on. The brush has a soft purple look to it with the small green leaves and his bright red feathers. What a perfect photo of colors. It should be on a greeting card. I really love it.

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