Having Leftovers

Having Leftovers

I thought the phrase ‘Leftovers’ would fit this article nicely. Typically it refers to eating what had not been finished from a previous meal. But we always have tons of images from architectural shoots that can’t be used.

A good example is photographing the old historic homes in Charleston. The first part of the day we look around gawking at what is all around us. The second part is shooting like crazy, kids in a candy store crazy. It’s easy to have several hundred good shots. However I might actually need only 10.

Hence the title of ‘Having Leftovers’ for photographs that just couldn’t be used but I can’t delete.

Having Leftovers
Having Leftovers

The room above has been preserved, not renovated at all. Pretty much as it was 200 years ago. Imagine turning a corner and walking into this. Yes, stop, gawk, then shoot everything in sight.

Having Leftovers
Having Leftovers

In the same home, the Aikens-Rhett house, this staircase takes you up to the main living quarters. The stair lamp now has electric bulbs, you don’t even notice that since it’s a work of art.

Having Leftovers
Having Leftovers

I rarely can use the small details, it’s all about the rooms,  but looking up you can find ceiling lamps like this.

Each year I go through the archive process and find photographs I need to publish before they hit the hard drives and become history.

From the Aiken-Rhett House, Elizabeth Street, Charleston, South Carolina.

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