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    1. I was thinking of buying a monopod myself and was recently discussing it with a friend back home. He just bought a set up with an Oben carbon fiber monopod, a Wimberley MH-100 MonoGimbal head, and a Wimberley C-12 Arca-Swiss compatible quick release clamp. Says he’s missing some of those flight shots too, but very happy so far with his big lens. What monopod setup do you have? I’m still open and thinking about, and you have years of experience with them.

    1. We’re having the usual on again off again rainy days here, too, but our GBH nesting has been greatly diminished in the past few years since the ‘takeover’ by the Wood Storks!

    2. Our Great Blues have been a little off the two years, but still OK. The Egrets come soon and there we may have a problem. Not the Storks, Anhinga. The Anhinga are really aggressive and taking over areas that were Great Egret nests.

    3. That’s weird! So sorry. I think you’re right though, that the WP “Happiness Engineers” are not happy with me lately. 😅. Having lots of trouble on my end when I want to continue using the Classic mode instead of the Block editor. I’m planning to delete the WP app from my laptop and start over.

    4. Had to approve this one also. BTW. If you want to use Classic mode use the php web browser app. Just go to WordPress.com and login from there. Inside the PC version, somewhere, is an option to disable Block editor and use Classic. That’s what I did.

    5. Yes. This came through with no approval needed. I went into the list of people I follow (in the WP App for IPad) and manually reentered you. I could not click follow on your site,so manually did it. All better now 👍👍

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