6 thoughts on “Great Egret Flight Series”

    1. And no crash landing LOL. Went out last night and another 800 shots LOL. Ellen wanders the area, I go straight for the rookery. I’m pretty sure she found some Owlets last night. Me… another batch of white birds πŸ˜‚. At least our shots don’t overlap much.

    2. I am usually a solitary shooter, though occasionally I will go dragonfly hunting with a friend. It is always interesting to compare our shots, because our gear is so different. I use my DSLR and 180mm macro lens and he uses a Lumix super zoom camera and attaches a full-sized flash to it. I am also a bit more nimble and flexible, which means our angles of view on the same subject can often be quite different. Our Great Egrets should soon arrive and I can perhaps join you in the great white bird parade. πŸ™‚

    3. Never have enough white birds LOL. Ellen and I try to split up, or at least take different angles. However it’s not always possible in a swamp or marsh… without wet feet and the thingies you may find in your socks LOL.

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