9 thoughts on “Flirting, Egret Style”

  1. Not that I have seen thousands, but I have probably seen a hundred egret display images and never have I seen two at the same time doing their thing. Great capture, Ted.

    1. Thanks. It’s common, that’s how they pick a mate. However, you’re right. 😂. I don’t think I have either. Dancing is almost over so I’ll need to go back over the last month and see if I shot any others.

  2. Just found this one, I’d missed it. So lovely! and I’ve shared on twitter and fb with “All the world’s a stage, so dance on it.” 😀 ~and I even managed to tag you in on fb this time! I’m learning.

    1. Twitter’s good, quick and simple. I get to see great egrets, GBHs and pink birds there too! I do love the flora and fauna of your area 🙂

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