3 thoughts on “Looking Down An Open Canal”

  1. There is just something, Ted, about the word “Okefenokee” that makes me smile–I love to say it out loud. I love the hazy swamp backdrop to your beautiful shot of the alligator.

    1. I know, it sends your imagination right down a rabbit hole…’Okefenokee’ 🤣. Thanks, I love shots like that one but only a few I take come out the way I would like. Maybe more practice might help, but I get out there and hang on to my long lens with a death grip 😂😂😂 might miss something.

    2. A short lens causes me to look in different places and at different distances. When I have my 150-600mm lens on my camera, my eyes are looking upwards and at a distance. When I switch to my 180mm macro lens, my go-to lens in the summer, I tend to look only a few feet out and down a lot.

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