9 thoughts on “Morning Marsh Scene, Charleston”

    1. Much the same except there is wildlife everywhere. Down a dirt road are several rookeries that start in February, Great Blues, and go on through June, Egrets. End of July through August it’s 100 degrees and matching humidity.

    2. SC Lowcountry is a yes and no.

      Temperature is about the same, breeding seasons you a month or so earlier, and swamps here have less big leaf (lettuce) and more duck weed.

      We have no Mangroves on the shore, which I always thought was nice to have. Lowcountry marshes are much larger. And believe it or not… SC has more Alligators than I have ever seen in Fl. However, we have never gone deep into the Everglades.

      Obviously I have given that same observation much thought LOL. We have wondered if soon we should be considering another move for a change in (photo) scenery. 🙂

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