Santee Delta Local

Santee Delta Local

First shot of the day and I almost didn’t see him. And yes, he was big.

Santee Delta Local
Santee Delta Local

We were looking out at the south river in the Santee delta and I heard a splash from behind made go look at the edge of the marsh.

The second splash was this guy, fooled me. I was looking towards the sound and he was looking up at me.

He had plenty of company too.

South Santee River, Santee Delta, South Carolina.

4 thoughts on “Santee Delta Local”

    1. I laughed and winced a little, Ted, when I read this because I know that the minimum focus distance of my 150-600 is about nine feet, so your guy had to be closer than that to you initially. Yikes!

    2. I’m not even sure how close 🥴. In a lame attempt at being sneaky while following the sound of a splash I had heard through the reeds I didn’t look down. Straight down.

      The delta takes an hour to reach and in the exact opposite direction we usually go. I was given a lesson on being complacent. Ten large locals in front of us and the hungry insects that only places like this can have.

      Of course we had a great adventure 😂😂.

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