Female Kestrel

Female Kestrel … No A Merlin

She wanted to watch me, and still look out over a field.

She couldn’t do both so left in a hurry.

Female Kestrel
Female Kestrel

Such a beauty !

Note; I need a correction here. This is actually a Merlin, not a Kestrel. The Merlin is a little bit larger and less colorful, but almost identical in other ways. Merlin are not seen around here as much as Kestrels. Another photographer saw the shot and made the new ID. 😃😃

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

5 thoughts on “Female Kestrel … No A Merlin”

    1. I messed up the original ID. I assumed a Kestrel…bad move 101. Merlins are so similar it never occurred to me. Another photographer politely asked if I had considered a Merlin…😂😂. They were spot on 👏👏

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