Simonds Mausoleum

Special Even By Magnolias Standards

Old Magnolia Cemetery is a Victorian / Gothic / Civil War cemetery. Absolutely unique, even hard to describe.

Sitting on the grounds of an old plantation nestled against a southern marsh people from all over the US visit to browse through the old wrought iron and headstones.

Even here there are a few things that stand out on their own.

Simonds Mausoleum
Simonds Mausoleum

Above is the Simonds Mausoleum, complete with a sarcophagus. Construction was completed in 1889. The family were traders, bankers, and of course political titans.

The Simonds were able to own and run banks through, and after the Civil War some how.

Baby Rosalie Raymond
Baby Rosalie Raymond White

Baby Rosalie, the grave site, is well known with images published world wide.

The headstone is made to look like a baby carriage complete with Rosalie. A ‘death mask’, or plaster cast, of her face is protected from the elements since the 1880’s. Masks and mementos were common at the time.

There are 5 children, siblings, buried in this spot. Over all 18 family members are here.

From Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.

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