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  1. Ted, this is such a great photograph. I noticed that you use a tripod. Do you use it every time or from time to time?
    I also noticed that you don’t have a lens coat. I was thinking recently to invest in it but I am hesitant. And you are in a jungle, a beautiful one…

    1. Fred is a great photographer and caught the swamp and colors beautifully. Southern Cypress swamps are like no other place.

      I was using a single leg monopod here. It has a quick release head for easy on/off since they are not good for in flight shooting which I do a lot. For low light and distance they are a good help and tripods are like hiking with ‘construction equipment’. Never had a lens coat.

      Thanks again, Ted

    2. Ted, thank you for answering my questions. Like very much what you said about tripod. You made me smile 🙂

    1. 😂, thanks. I almost didn’t know it was me. I had on ‘real’ pants, no ragged jeans, and shoes, no ragged swamp wear 😂😂😂. Maybe that’s why Fred took the shot when he spotted me out there 👍.

  2. I’d love to spend time in such a beautiful location with all that moss (Spanish Moss?..actually a lichen I believe) hanging all over the place.Great shot of you in your element.

    1. Thanks, yep my element 😀, actually live just down the road.

      Spanish Moss is the quintessential look in a southern swamp and beautiful. Also long and flowing guaranteed to blow in you lens at the worst possible time. Great Blue herons are nesting in nearby Cypress trees right there.

    1. Like most people I usually dislike photos of myself. I actually like this one. Ironic I didn’t have funky jeans on for the one and only ‘portrait’ of myself. I typically look like a cross between a street urchin and an old disheveled Crocodile Dundee.Thanks.

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