5 thoughts on “Great Egret, Fuji Film Filter”

    1. Thanks. No, not using Fuji cameras. I was referring to filters that emulate Fujifilm 35mm types. The Fuji film is known to be a higher contrast than Kodak. They also have many more ‘brands’. DxO has a software that has around 300 color, black and white, and vintage filters.

      I first tried them to capture Ilford B&W films like I used when I first started…I am never going back to chemicals. For some projects I didn’t want to use LR presets, not accurate enough. For color accuracy I have matched a Kodachrome 64 filter to some current ads done by Annie Leibovitz and be pleased how close they really are. Basically something to use once again in a while to be different. 😁😁

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