6 thoughts on “Calculating His Options”

    1. When not hiding, they get brown, the green colors and eyes are vivid otherwise. This one was hanging on the side of my house, almost underneath the cover of an outdoor electrical connection. They can go most anywhere, which does get them in trouble at times.

      Right now we have some very young ones living on the back porch, maybe half the length of a thumb. When we go out the door we stop, look all around, then continue on. Great free entertainment when sitting out there. 😁😁

    2. Yeah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. We try to keep them outside, at least on the porch. I’m watching 3 on the porch with us as I type this. One must have hatched this morning… which means there are eggs in some plant pot 😳😳.

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