Loggerhead Turtle Just Hatched

Loggerhead Turtle Just Hatched

A few hours old and crawling over the sand to the ocean.

Smaller than a Silver Dollar coin, she will fit in the palm of your hand. However, the next time on this beach she may be 800 – 1,000 pounds (363-454 Kilos).

Loggerhead Turtle Just Hatched
Loggerhead Turtle Just Hatched

Taken on a barrier island nesting site for Loggerhead Turtles.

Shooting a fundraiser, Coastal Expeditions Foundation, Bulls Island, South Carolina.

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  1. Are the turtle eggs protected and released by people or is this just a random hatchling?

    There are turtle hatchling releases at Padre Island National Seashore every year at this time as when they find the nests, they gather up the eggs to keep them safe. I am hoping to go see this next weekend.

    1. Along the Lowcountry coast we have a series of barrier island’s between the ocean and beach. Loggerheads nest there in the thousands. The Coastal Expedition Foundation, Audubon, State, and I think universities patrol the beaches at dawn. Most paid by fund raisers like the one we shot.

      When nest are found n the morning they are moved if necessary, or left in place. All are marked and covered with a fencing to protect from predators. When hatched they are watched over to be sure they have the best chance of getting to water.

      We had 5 hatchlings that were slow to move, so they were displayed to people at the fundraiser, children got to hold them and place them at the surf.

      Photographers (wife and I) shot the kids and turtles swimming off into the ocean.

      It takes staff, interns, time, and money every year to do this (as well as protect sea bird rookeries) but Coastal Foundation has been very successful. We help how we can.

      Whew… that’s the short answer LOL

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