5 thoughts on “A Gift ?”

  1. Nice capture of an interesting custom. Have you seen this on newer graves/cemeteries or do you think it’s for the older ones only?

    1. It’s a curious tradition. I’ve only ever seen in old Jewish cemeteries where some believe that “placing the stones on a grave would keep the soul down in this world. Another interpretation suggests that the stones will keep demons and golems from getting into the graves.”

  2. I was thinking about the stones tradition and then saw Sandy had mentioned it above. You are right, I do not tend to see it as much in the newer cemeteries – the best one I saw was a small, very old cemetery in a state park I run in – someone has been putting a penny on a particular grave site for many years – each penny has the year that it was placed on the stone. I always hope someday I can have a conversation with the individual(s) that have been that dedicated to see what prompted to do this.

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