Concentrating Great Blue Heron

Concentrating Great Blue Heron

We had decided to walk all way around the back rice field at the plantation. It’s about 2 1/2 miles of dirt trail and dike. Tall grass hides a lot but some open areas can be interesting. Besides, I only do this when it’s not hot and the morning was perfect.

We had not gone more than 100 yards and found a Great Blue standing and watching the marsh water. The trail is no wider than 20 feet, at its widest.

We were of no interest at all, food was in that water.

Concentrating Great Blue Heron
Concentrating Great Blue Heron

I took this as we passed him by.

He was not the only Heron out here with us. He was the most accommodating though.

6 thoughts on “Concentrating Great Blue Heron”

    1. Thanks. I think I have a few from when I first spotted him. He may have taken a step out of the grass. Need to check, I just wanted to finish a head shot first. He was very close and I only had a 150-600 Sigma. Unlike Ellen I try to carry a single camera 😂😂

  1. I also like this very much, so nice and soft. Seems like a watercolour painting! The lower bill is the same colour as the vegetation, intriguing.

    1. Thanks 😁😁. Funny you say it is soft. That was my feeling too. Usually if I want that I need to do it during processing the image. This shot was just soft, on its own. And… the others I remember not at all. 😂😂.

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