Huguenot Church, Charleston SC

French Huguenot Church, Charleston SC

So much history in this one scene.

The Church.

  • The church congregation was founded in 1680 after leaving France. The current building is from 1844.
  • Silver Paten and Chalice were donated to the Strawberry Chapel at old Childsbury in the early 1700’s.
  • The only independent Huguenot Church in the US. The building is located in the French Quarter of Charleston.

The Window

  • The framed window is located on the second floor of the Dock Street Theater, French Quarter Charleston.
  • Dock Street is the oldest theater group, and theater in the US. The first opera and running plays were from Dock Street Theater. Plays and concerts are still ongoing.
  • This building was also the Planters Hotel in the civil war era. The well known rum drink ‘Platers Punch’ originated here.
Huguenot Church, Charleston SC
Huguenot Church, Charleston SC

135 Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina.

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