Sunrise Bennetts Point, South Carolina

Sunrise, Bennetts Point, South Carolina

I knew the sun, clouds, or even time was in my favor for a great swamp sunrise photograph.

It’s also beautiful anywhere on this stretch.

Sunrise Bennetts Point, South Carolina
Sunrise Bennetts Point, South Carolina

I went with plan B.

Stop the car (no danger of another one coming) and get a few shots.

ACE Basin, South Carolina.

6 thoughts on “Sunrise, Bennetts Point, South Carolina”

  1. Love it. I wonder what plan A was. Might have been even more dramatic closer to the water’s edge, but I guess you don’t know what critters might be around at that time!

    1. Thanks 😁😁. Plan A is to be deeper in the marshes, timing and light didn’t work out. Depending where you are you can be right at the water. However, there’s usually tall grasses, reeds of bugs, and yes things with big teeth.

    2. Wow, who wrote this 😳 post. I should clear up this mish mash.. Plan A was to be further along to the marshlands. When I arrived the only road was closed by the state. So Plan B was drive back the war I had come and jump out of the car at different spots that had clear views of the horizon.

      Whew, would have been easier to say that in the first place LOL. And I was sober🤣

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