Broad-winged (?) Hawk

Broad-winged (?) Hawk

This hawk was invisible, until he flew up and past us. I think he was on a low branch just off a trail. We walked to where we thought he had landed and found him.

Now to get a good ID.

Broad-winged (?) Hawk
Broad-winged (?) Hawk

The usual answer, with minimal thought, is Red-shouldered. Especially where we saw him. But the chest markings are all wrong. Stocky build is a little off too, as well as the top of beak ‘yellowing’ missing.

Merlin ID’s the bird as either a Broad-winged, Red-tailed, or Red-shouldered. All depending on the angle we submitted.

I lean towards Broad-winged based on the size and ‘tear drop’ chest feathering.

As Ellen and I finish with more images and compare notes I will post more.

Any thoughts out there ?

5 thoughts on “Broad-winged (?) Hawk”

  1. I am pretty useless when it comes to hawk identification. My initial instinct was to say Red-shouldered, but that is mostly because it is the hawk that I see most often.

  2. Not great at the hawks, but at first I thought the barring would be heavier on the breast, but then noticed the juvenile light morph reference on Cornell and that was equally sparse. I do not think it is a red-shouldered. There is definitely some odd coloring on the middle section of the wings like it is just coming into the adult plumage. Sorry couldn’t be more help.

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