3 thoughts on “Better Find A Hole, Alligator”

  1. We are in the -20s…(Metric) in an unseasonably Arctic chill since November. The 20s down south sound purdy good 🤗 but hope the gators take cover. Merry Christmas to you, Ted and Ellen, and thank you for your great photos and sharing your nature outings, always fun and fascinating.

    1. Merry Christmas back to you. And thanks for your support of our compulsive adventures. 😂. The arctic freeze is here now. It was 17 f last night. That’s brutal for a location like ours. It will be this way for a few days 😳. We are both from the north (Ellen grew up in Maine, farm house, cold!) but have been here 7 years becoming ‘southernized’. I will be wearing my Bean Boots and down coat.

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