6 thoughts on “First Light, Ocean Salt Marsh”

  1. I keep trying to convince myself to get up early, seeing lovely images like this is good motivation but my bed is comfortable and warm. Perhaps I should sleep on the floor 😉

    1. 😂😂. I can do it for a few months before they push the clocks back an hour. At 7AM here it is still like midnight. Out the door by 5:45 AM and I can be way out in ‘critter country’ before sunrise.

      Early rise here becomes a habit. When it’s hot, much of the year, you want to be out shooting and finished no later than noon. After that no wildlife and all glare anyway. Besides, late afternoon storms can roll through.

    2. Big storm front coming through at the moment, very windy now and lightning storm a few nights ago. The light here generally has a cooler/bluer hue to it, I often decrease the blue in post. I have been taking a quite a few sunrise shots from my deck the last few months on my phone, but haven’t been motivated to trundle up the hill to capture the mountain in the morning light.

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