10 thoughts on “On The Eagle Tree”

  1. Lovely eagles photo, Ted! Re your next post about WP, I’ve previously found that if I’ve left a comment on your blog that your reply hasn’t come through in my notifications – I’ve had to try and remember to check back again on your blog-post. Would you please reply to this – so I can see if it comes through or not. Thanks, Liz

  2. I just tried to send a comment re your note about WP/Jetpack, and it disappeared! What? This time I’ll click on the WP icon. What I was saying is that previously.. if I left a comment on your blog-post I’ve found that your reply doesn’t come thru to my notifications – I have to come back to the post and check. That’s been happening for quite a while. Anyway, the eagles are awesome!

    1. I broke cover 😀 So.. even though you replied to a “Ms. Liz” comment, neither your like or comment came through to my WP notifications! I only knew because of your note left on my latest post. Also, I’ve had to come into WP Reader to respond to your reply. (At your blog there was no reply-link under your comment). There was only a “Like” option – which I clicked on and the blue star disappeared to then be replaced by nothing so I don’t know if clicking on the “Like” even worked. [Perhaps in that initial box when I have to click the WP icon in order to be recognised, I also have to opt in to receive notification of responses? –I’ll try another test comment!

    2. Well that’s hard case.. this actually came through to my notifications and I’m replying from my notification panel!

  3. OK, so I’m back here at your blog-site and testing again. I’ve clicked the WP icon so it knows I’m Ms. Liz. This time I’ll opt-in to being notified of comments.. oh.. the only comments option is “Email me new comments” – not really what I want but I’ll try it! I wonder if its going to email me everybody’s comments on any of your posts LOL.. hmmm

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